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Mindscope Seven has more than twenty-seven years of business experience, which included sales management and business ownership. Her paradoxical style goes against the expected, to render results in the most complicated, even dangerous, situations. Her strong perception of human behavior, combined with her humble beginnings, forced her to invent ways of overcoming disadvantaged positions. She learned to use disadvantage as the advantage. At the heart of her philosophies is the ability to understand and interpret the needs of the individuals she serves, and then to deliver purposeful, effective solutions to address those needs. Her no-nonsense, paradoxical style takes creativity to new levels for generating results and needed change. Her philosophies have been applied and proved successful in a variety of personal and business situations. Mindscope Seven holds a unique position of tested theories that have been demonstrative for the entirety of her life—and that show how we all hold responsibility to one another in terms of connecting our God-given abilities to the common needs of humankind.

Through her own journey, she came to understanding that her unique set of skills and abilities were given to her for the very purpose of serving her fellow humans, oftentimes, against institutional flaws that worked against them. Her desire to find ethical, effective, people-oriented solutions led her to unusual approaches, which yielded results that others were not willing or able to match. Her spiritual foundation has always been the cornerstone of her philosophies and processes, guiding her often-unusual approach and strong desire to serve humankind.

Mindscope Seven has successfully raised two children, along with the pressures of business ownership, and now feels her calling of service to be alleviating the suffering of her fellow humans and helping to effect the urgent changes needed for a more hopeful future, for our children and the generations to come.

A portion of all book sales will be donated to charities committed to the works of good stewardship.