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Silent, but Superhero: Releasing Your Power and Purpose

Silent, but Superhero: Releasing Your Power and Purpose is a revolutionary guide to overcoming obstacles and living a life as Authentic Self; in a world beckoning the opposite, and then rewarding with despair, loss, and doom. Her paradoxical style goes against the expected, to render results in the most complicated, and even dangerous situations. With a strong perception of human behavior, combined with her humble beginnings she was forced to invent ways of overcoming disadvantaged positions. She learned to use disadvantage to the advantage. Understanding that her unique set of skills and abilities were for the very purpose of serving fellow man; oftentimes, against institutional flaws that worked against them. Her desire to find ethical, effective, people oriented solutions led her to unusual approaches that yielded results that others were not willing or able to match. Her spiritual foundation has always been the cornerstone, guiding her often unusual approach and desire to serve mankind. A gift to any who have quietly suffered abuse, oppression, or invisibility from the labels and boxes devised by Oppressors, holding our lives as a hostage. When our families are hurting or injured, it festers and magnifies to the communities, extended world, and then we all suffer insurmountable loss.