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Phone: (336) 453 -3458

Packages and Pricing vary, dependent upon the scope of services and time required. Our services exceed that of Personal Coaching, translating easily to meet the requirements of Business, Community, Governing Bodies, and Religious Organizations. Typical pricing schedule:

– By The Session (e.g., $125/session)
– By The Month (e.g., $500/month)
– By The Package (e.g., 6 month package for $3,000)

Our Mission:

A common denominator in a dysfunctional system becomes confusion coupled with the lack of ability to navigate better options.  This often leads to decisions that worsen the problems, putting themselves and others in more jeopardy. Thus, paralyzing a system in a quagmire of unresolved issues, confused people and the noise of bad advice. This allows the cycle to continue, duplicate, and grow worsened with time. Although my methods are not textbook, they have been effective for change and sustainable solutions. As I grew up in difficult conditions, it served as a marker of strength, fortitude, and determination for learning new methods. In my own experiences, I faced misunderstanding from both professionals and those watching from afar. This has allowed wrong thinking, ineffective treatment, and further entrapment to such systems.  As these methods have gone unchallenged for too long, it created a pressure-keg of symptoms we are now forced to cope with.  I’m not suggesting that it’s been intentional. But, we must no longer afford silence as a cover-up or require apologies from those surviving.

But on the brighter side of the darkness, a true survivor becomes unrelenting in strength and long on endurance. They instead, decide to keep moving forward in the healing process, even when they want to quit. That is why this work is so important. That is why consulting with the warriors who found the way out is crucial for success. To overcome such systems rather than duplicate them is incredibly difficult and grueling work. Those who escape such clutches are true experts and well equipped to meet such dysfunction head-on. There is no quick fix or overnight magic. It involves different stages and periods of time depending on the underlying cause(s) and/or issues spurned from such trauma. Solutions should be modeled to meet the specificity of people, environment, and their ongoing daily conditions. There must be a full commitment to doing the work if any should rise above the challenges. It is imperative to keep a guarded focus on methods being administered, and then making timely adjustments if needed for desired results. By maintaining a neutral mindset, it keeps options available and prevents the temptation to label anyone as, “good guy” or “bad guy”. Once the labeling begins, the opportunity for optimal results ends…. allowing further dangers to set in.

Strengths/Skill Sets:

– Integrating Systems from conflicting to complementing

– Advanced Communications and Persuasive Techniques

– Skilled Negotiations for defusing anger, danger, and calming opposing forces

– Locating and extracting any dangerous or vulnerable weakness within a system

– Assist w/Preventive Measures in closing gaps of opportunity

– Training on Proactive Measures of avoidance

– Training on the elimination of Reactive Mishaps

Why Choose My Services?
I care deeply about needed change and I understand the consequences for humanity in its absence. It is extremely important to understand the uniqueness of needs and circumstances! And then apply systems that reach the rooted problem(s) rather than its symptoms. I assist others in creating a program dictated and specific to the situation, rather than using a duplicated cookie-cutter method. In addition, the applied model will provide monitoring to determine what is working and what needs tweaking.

As a survivor of dysfunction and abuse, my unique skills and knowledge were crafted of extremely difficult experiences. This enabled me to recognize and study firsthand the rooted systems, then understanding its translation to the human experience and lifestyle. My life’s work has revolved around aiding people, especially those who were disadvantaged. Often the disadvantaged find themselves trapped in silence and drastically misunderstood. They understand the penalty of breaching the “silent code” within the system they find themselves trapped. With careful guidance, they learn to deal with the negatives of forced silence and grow strong enough to use their voice in constructive ways for healing and needed changes.

By living/working within a system requiring a code of silence, my survival was reliant upon finding alternative methods. So, I learned to use my disadvantage as an advantage. I became skilled in dealing with others on a more subconscious level, to ensure the safety of myself or others involved. By learning to work beneath the layers of critical thinking and the subconscious mind, I became effective in moving people to safer positions. This allowed them to make decisions for themselves that provided safety and better outcomes for all parties.

The methodology is particularly important where danger is involved and to avoid setting off any negative effects. It is also necessary for aiding those in need more quickly, since their current state of mind will be that of confusion, trauma, and oftentimes violence. They become so lost in the murk of unattended darkness, they become a hostage without the necessary intervention.

It is of critical importance to understand leverage points! So, that trust isn’t hindered on either side of differences in need of negotiation. This promotes the utmost integrity of words and actions, in order to assist the individuals. This is a position of love, and love honors everyone wherever they stand. A decision to love for the sake of overall good, has little to do with feelings and more about protection. Authentic love is guided by two primary principals, both nurture and discipline are required.

In all dysfunctional or problematic situations, there is a unique language and system of operation shared by the parties involved. Basically, they create both a language and system unique to them and the surrounding circumstances. Being able to decode, understand, and then speak their language is critical for success in their system of design.

My own traumatic experiences led to an understanding of the most complex of human enigmas. In other words, I learned to meet others on their own turf, then understanding their unique style and use of language. These skills allowed me to blend in with varying situations and cultural differences in both business and personal interactions. Then allowing an opportunity for observation of the most intricate details and driving forces within a system or group.

My humble beginnings and hard-earned knowledge created both tactical and spiritual strengths. Helping me address underlying needs and desirable solutions for all involved parties. By using a neutral and nonthreatening approach it allowed rare opportunities for my learning and developed skill sets.

Because I was forced to adapt to many situations and differing people I learned to become skillful and results oriented. These techniques have been tested and have worked regardless of gender, race, religion, socio-economic status, or any other identifiers.

This approach honors the complexities of underlying issues, weighing in any unique characteristics of held beliefs. This allows others to adopt and implement solutions for the greater good of themselves, their families, and over all humankind. By placing the focus on destructive behaviors or thought patterns, rather than labeling person/system in a derogatory way creates a seedbed for optimal results. This approach builds a respectful trust, making a way for the person/party(s) to live and operate peacefully while maintaining the integrity of who they are or how they identify.

Service Commitment:
I will act as an Intermediary Mediate, to aid in negotiating optimal outcomes in conflict or differences.
Through listening and careful observation of unique circumstances, I’m able to develop the environment needed for a person/party to navigate troubling differences and come to terms with reasonable/responsible steps of resolve for themselves. My objective will be to uncover rooted issues causing negative effects and then communicate necessary information to the parties of care and/or custody.
Areas applicable to my experience(s):
– Domestic Abuse (psychological, emotional, physical)
– Child Abuse
– Substance Abuse
– Sexual Abuse
– Religious Abuse
– Mental Issues: Depression, Bi-Polar, Anxiety, Trauma, Suicide watch
– Youth Development
– Eating Disorders
– Workplace problems
– Crisis Avoidance Strategies and Navigating Pack Mentality
– Systemic Reform
– Re-entry/System: Building of Strategic Plan and Monitoring System for new operations and functions (Individual & Groups)

Applicable to:
– Individual/Families/Communities
– First Responders
– Schools/Youth
– Crisis Centers
– Judicial/Jails/Prisons
– Religious Organizations
– Workplace and/or Organizational issues

We will not:
– Overstep Boundaries in overall care being administered of interested parties.
– Breach confidentiality of person/professional(s) involved in particulars of case or care. (communication/guidelines/agreement at the onset of services)
– Promote religion or system of thought

For more information about how our services may complement your programs, please contact our Program Coordinator at,


As our services are not cookie-cutter and built specifically to your needs an interview is required. In order to determine overall needs and pricing, private interviews are conducted to ensure the utmost care in the handling of highly sensitive matters. To schedule a time for assessment of needs and pricing, please contact our Program Coordinator at: (336) 453 – 3458 (24-hr, on-call number)


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