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Specializing in: Symptomatic Response and Strategic Control of Damaging/Dangerous Behavioral Outcomes

DETECTING: The early onset: “The Disguised Ones”
DAMAGE CONTROL: The latter stages: “Chaos Control Strategies”
A common denominator when dysfunction occurs is confusion. This hinders the ability for navigating the best options for resolve; Thus, leading to more chaos and faulty decision-making. Whether this occurs within a family, business, or community, it results in further jeopardy, loss of revenue, and harmful consequence to every member.
Overtime the patterns worsen, creating a strangle-hold of pressure. Then comes the polarization of the entire system, stuck in a quagmire of unresolved and dangerous issues. If these situations go unchallenged for too long, the symptomatic reactions become more destructive and dangerous.

Package Pricing varies upon the scope of services and time required. Our services exceed that of Personal Coaching, translating easily to meet the requirements of Businesses, Community Objectives, Government and Institutional Systems, First Responders, Emergency Workers and Religious Organizations. Our services are not cookie-cutter and built specifically to meet your needs. Written Agreement, with established boundaries:

Pricing Model Example:
– Session (e.g., $125/session)
– Monthly (e.g., $500/month)
– Ala-Carte Packaged Services (e.g., 6-month package for $3,000)

Our Services offer an established written agreement:
– Covering the scope and plan to be administered of all interested parties.
– Commitment of Confidentiality for information and particulars of case.

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These techniques have been tested and proven effective for a wide range of needs. They have been applied to the individual, family unit, business organization, and entire communities. Analysis, and strategic planning help us to serve the needs of varying situations, even dangerous, sensitive matters within bigger systems. Our organization takes great pride in helping others find the balance needed for peaceful means, and restored productivity. In doing this, we take great care in honoring the integrity of a system, lifestyle, and deep-rooted beliefs. We work within the framework and design of our clients, carefully extracting what’s hurting, without damaging the integrity of the roots (chosen framework).

Our seasoned experience in this field has been garnered, undergoing constant performance testing for over 50 years. This information did not come easy! Our founder was forced to deal with dysfunctional situations from her early years, into adulthood. Rather than submitting to the weight of her situation, it became a catapult of challenge for overcoming and reform. Her passion for serving others became set in stone. She learned to take every disadvantage, turning it inside-out, making it the advantage needed for conquering. Her great love and passion for Humankind is the cornerstone of her integrity. The type of tough dirty jobs, her techniques exceed in, are the ones grown from the tiny monsters we all possess. This is a common connector shared by the entirety Humankind. The handling of this connector determines future outcomes, for good or for bad, and for ALL.

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